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How to Prepare Delicious Coconut Snowballs

Coconut Snowballs.

Coconut Snowballs You can cook Coconut Snowballs using 4 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Coconut Snowballs

  1. Prepare 21 oz of sweetened shredded coconut.
  2. It’s 14 oz of sweetened condensed milk.
  3. It’s 1/2 C of powdered sugar.
  4. Prepare 1 t of coconut extract.

Coconut Snowballs instructions

  1. Combine 14 oz shredded coconut (2 bags), condensed milk, powdered sugar, and coconut extract in a mixing bowl. Mix well..
  2. Form small bite sized pieces of coconut mixture with your hands and lay on a few baking trays lined with parchment paper. Do not let cookies touch each other..
  3. Refridgerate for 2 hours..
  4. Roll cookies in remaining coconut flakes and place back in refrigerator for about 4 hours, or until cookies slightly harden. Enjoy!.
  5. Variations; Ice cream, cream cheese, rum extract, toasted coconut, lime zest, hazelnuts, macadamia, almond, pecans, walnuts, honey, lemon zest or extract, agave, grapefruit zest, orange zest or extract, espresso powder, coffee extract, melted chocolate drizzle, figs, dates, white chocolate, brown sugar, cane sugar, turbinado, maple, ginger, dried apricots, dried cherries, dried plums, butterscotch, vanillla extract, dried cranberries, ground jalapeƱo powder, dates, coriander seed, dried mango, dried pineapple, cashews, brazil nuts, peanuts, granola, pistachios, pomegranate, strawberries, raspberries,.

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